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We covered the Joy Formidable a lot in Exitfare 1.0, so don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The performers of one of the best gigs we witnessed in 2009 have a proper LP coming out later this year, but in the meantime, their new video has just hit the internet.  “Popinjay” is available for purchase now in the iTunes store (both UK and US) and a limited 7″ will be available from 5 April at Rough Trade and Pure Groove sites, among others.


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Hailing from: London, England (via Abergavenny, Wales)
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“I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America”

The debut album from the mega-hyped Marina & the Diamonds was released this past Monday in the UK. No word yet on a US release, although she’s playing New York and SXSW in Austin next month. A sold out UK tour will follow in May, including an appearance at the Great Escape in Brighton.

Download the Entrepreneurs (Adam Crisp from Elle Milano) remix of “Mowgli’s Road” below.

Mowgli’s Road – Marina & The Diamonds (Entrepreneurs Space-Hopper Remix) by Entrepreneurs

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I’ve heard rumblings from this outfit for quite some time – they formed in 2006 – but it’s only been in the past few weeks that I finally took the plunge and listened to them. And what an adventure it has been. The ABC Club reminds me of all of the greats that got me hooked on indie music in the ’90s. The guitars are all very rooted in the Smiths school, but lyrically they’re not so self-indulgent, adroitly weaving imagery in the same way that Belle and Sebastian does.

Now that the band are back on track, their debut single is slated to be released next month. “Thieving Magpie” is currently available to be pre-ordered from the Rough Trade site.

Tinkering Teacups by Exitfare

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If I had to guess, I’ve listened to this song at least 20 times in the past few days. I’ve had “Lies” on my iPod for weeks, and while I’d listen to it here and there, only recently did it pop for me. If I were the clubbing type, this would be the song I’d want to end every night with. Except I’d never want the song to end.

Although you’ll have to wait until later this year for an LP, this single is available now on iTunes.

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The final post on Exitfare was Sept. 23, 2009, which was followed by a month of silence before we stuck the proverbial fork in a blog that ran for 4.5 years.

Why did we kill it? It was a combination of many things – waning interest, being too busy, and wanting to try new things. But they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the longer we were away, the more we started thinking about coming back. The amount of great music out there right now made this decision even easier.

Things are going to be different this time. Expect a shiny new EXITFARE DOT COM web address in this space soon. We’ll have contributors representing cities across the US and Europe. And finally, we’ll only be focusing on new and emerging talent. We want our encounters with the RIAA to be non-existent.

It’s good to be home.

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