Hailing from: Monterrey, Mexico
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Admittedly, until last summer I was in the dark with what was going on in Mexican indie rock. I didn’t even know this particular scene existed in a country that is just barely two hours from my backyard.

Thanks to the discovery of bands like Hello Seahorse, Quiero Club, and the Plastics Revolution, I got schooled very quickly. Add to that the meeting of new friend Manuel, from Tijuana, the onsalught of boundary pushing MX bands began.

The Mocks are a group that have been championed by a lot of people, and while I missed a chance last fall to see them just across the border in Mexicali, they remain one of the best south of the border indie outfits in Mexico’s #1 city for new music. Merging art and culture with catchy electro, this married duo is constantly on the cusp of exciting new things.

You can download the band’s entire M is Correct EP here.

If you’re looking for more like them, try Fuck Her or the Terrorists Win and White Ninja.

03 3. Stay by Exitfare


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