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Planning for SXSW is always a massive undertaking. While planning your journey there can often be a headache, the real trouble often comes when trying to figure out which bands to see when. There is just so much going on, and planning out one’s week is often a multiple hour undertaking.

Not to discourage anyone from going. The fest isn’t for the faint of heart, or the unorganized. Your time management skills need to be absolutely top-notch.

Bands like Everything Everything make all of the planning and travel worth it. The band’s latest single, “My Kz, Yr Bf” came out on the venerable Young and Lost Club last September, and as of late the band have been focusing on gigs and recording their debut album.

The aforementioned single, like many of their other tunes, takes a new look at the marriage between indie and electronics. While they combine indie rock and electronica, it’s not indie dance. I suppose you could dance to it, but it’s not so obvious as to hit over the head and say, “Take this glowstick and lose yourself in the music.” It’s the subtleties which drive this outfit.

Check their website for more info, as they’ll be doing a handful of gigs in Austin this year. Once they’re back in the UK, look for them on the NME Radar Tour and opening for Delphic and Keane, who are shockingly still a band.

01 MY KZ YR BF by Exitfare


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  1. dan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this band and have been following them since last fall. It breaks my heart I’m so close to AUSTIN here in OKC but unable to make it to Austin this year. This is the one band I would make an effort to get into any venue to see live. thanks for the post. Everything everything really great new sounding band!

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