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Perhaps we’re never ready for the break-up of one of our favourite bands, but it happens all too often. While ¡Forward, Russia! didn’t go out on their best foot, Life Processes is still an excellent statement from a band that set high expectations from the onset.

Since this “break” is “for the foreseeable future,” all of the members are firmly entrenched in life after FR. Tom Woodhead has been working on other projects, including producing Leicester group Minnaars, who have been heralded for a longtime round these parts. Katie Nicholls moved to Nottingham for art school and is in another band, while her brother Whiskas joined Leeds-based Duels as a full-time member.

In addition to that, Whiskas has started a new project that is quite a bit different than the work he is best known for, and that is the mark of a true musician. Honour Before Glory takes its cues from multiple touchstones – hazy atmospherics that recall a more grounded and structured My Bloody Valentine. The tunes may be restrained, but they don’t lack power.

If you’re interested in hearing more, the first Honour Before Glory full band gig will be taking place on Friday night, 12th March in Leeds at the Brudenell Social Club. The gig his free and support comes from Fran Rodgers and Yanni Montoya (featuring Katie from ¡Forward, Russia!). Additionally, there is an EP for £3 available on his Bandcamp page.

Just don’t expect Honour Before Glory to become a proper band. You’ll see a gig or here, but it’s likely to remain a low maintenance affair.

Honour Before Glory “Broken Bottles, Empty Hearts” by Exitfare


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