“this town is emptied for the last time”

Hailing from: Newcastle, England
Web: MySpace

Although the intent of looking back at bands that have moved on is go back more than just a few years, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this four piece. During their five years together, they managed to release a handful of singles and an absolutely excellent debut album, Not Enough Night.

After some rocky times for the outfit, the final nail in their coffin came in July of ’08.
While they never did get they major acclaim they had been gunning for, to this day I still regularly run into people that swear by their one and only album. It’s a post-punk gem that deserves to be heard by more people.

After lead singer Alan McDonald left the band in ’07, he went into reclusion and made music from his home vowing never to perform live again. The rest of the band carried on for a period, with new guitarist Graham Thompson, but would eventually start a short-lived project called Black Flashes.

McDonald is can now be found playing in Manila Chapter, a band which is led by the former lead singer of the People of Santiago. You may remember Lamacq hyping them a few years back – yet another almost forgotten Newcastle indie nugget.



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