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Sometimes dance music is more than just about freaking out on the dance floor. Southern Belle’s Isom Innis understands this. He knows that music is more than just about the sounds – it’s also about the feel and the journey.

While he has a few tracks floating around the internet, recent track “Walk Out” is the anchor. It’s a song that looks at a break-up in the most un-Conor Oberst way possible, and that’s exactly what we need these days.

Like most of us, Isom is constantly devouring new music, and he was nice enough to talk about the three bands he’s most excited about these days. Read on.

The EPs Clicks and Shakes combine elements of psychedelic folk pop that keep me discovering new parts each time I listen. The vocals, drums, and instruments are so unique. I’ve never heard a band combine psychedelic effects with banjo, clarinet and ukulele. Tracks “Red Wine,” “Song for Pump Organ,” and “the Clarinet Song” convey a since of melancholy beauty. I remember tearing up the first time I heard Clarinet Song. The songwriting is impeccable along with every reverby dreamy harmony. My favorite band.

I’m a little biased on this one considering we did the record together, but Kam is an amazing songwriter. I remember being in the mountains this winter at my grandparents’ house listening to Bruce Springsteen, drinking beer, thinking how epic it would be to try and write songs like that. Out of the blue he just starts singing this stadium-esque melody as a joke, that became the melody we based “Don’t Walk Away” on. Kam’s not afraid to try anything, which makes his songs so gigantic and effective. Making that record was so much fun, and I’m still listening to it!

I remember seeing these guys play Sun Hands in a church basement years ago thinking how good they were. “Wide Eyes” is my favorite. It just gets so intense. To match that intensity with fragile harmonies and chaotic drums makes for a perfect song. Locals are a great band, I can tell each of these tracks could have been recorded live in one take. These days that’s quite an accomplishment.

Southern Belle “Walk out” by Exitfare


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