Hailing from: Manchester, England
Web: MySpace

United by “the boredom of an overcast city going through the indie rock motions,” and “a common goal for things bigger, better and more colourful,” MAY68 formed with aim of being the antidote to Manchester’s musical malaise. These may be lines from their bio, but they’re apt in describing this electro-pop band that’s doing much more than reinventing the wheel.

Debut single “My Ways,” released last month on Hit Club Records, takes their already polished brand of space disco to another level with a tune that is easily digestible, but definitely not disposable. B-side “The New You” is equally as powerful, while the remix of “The Duke is Dead” by Egyptian Hip Hop is exactly what one should expect from the marriage of these two bands.

The band’s debut video, directed by Love & Disaster, takes place in Buck Rogers’s version of the future. The light to dark to light flashing lights draw you straight in, and are a perfect compliment to Camille Bertin’s assured vocals.

Buy the band’s 7″ from the Pure Groove online shop.

MAY68 – My Ways (Acid Washed May 2010 Remix) by Exitfare


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