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Web: MySpace

Although together for a very short time – early ’06 until the end of ’07 – Mother Vulpine left us with a handful of very promising songs that had riffs reminiscent of QOTSA and a rhythm section that’s usually reserved for a much trendier band.  They never made their split official, but a note they posted in September 2007 made it clear that the future didn’t seem too bright.

While their output was limited, it’s a band that remains one of my favorites to this day. If you’ve yet to hear, go to their MySpace page and start with “We’ll Be Detectives.” You’ll be sold in an instant.

The band’s one and only video is a self-directed affair done for course at Leeds Metropolitan University. The action of the chase scene matches the frenetic energy of the song perfectly, and although the storyline might not be easily discernible, it’s a memorable clip nonetheless. Additionally, there’s a behind the scenes clip here.

While the band’s official releases amount to just one 7″ and just compilation appearances, the former members have moved on to some other notable projects. Lead singer Matt Bigland is now in Dinosaur Plle-up, bassist Tom Hudson currently plays in Pulled Apart By Horses, and Lindsay Wilson has officially joined Grammatics as the cellist.


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  1. […] to play it in my own home (I do have friends who do I hasten to add). My prized mint green vinyl Mother Vulpine 7″ is a case in point. Some of the RSD releases were really special, and the effort gone into […]

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