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Oft-mentioned (at least ’round these parts) spazz popsters Pulled Apart By Horses are set to release a very special live vinyl for Record Store Day this weekend. Limited to just 500 copies, the good folks at Transgressive Records will be making this dream come true. Pre-orders are totally gone, but if you were slow on the uptake, a select group of stores across England will have stock. I am sure this is obvious, but if you want your copy get there early.

According to RCRD LBL, the band has played 309 gigs in the last year, which is mental. Thankfully I’ve seen two of them.

Rough Trade – London
Crash – Leeds
Hyde Park records – Leeds
Norman Records – Leeds
Jumbo Record – Leeds
Banquet Records – Kingston
Soundclash – Norwich
Soundhouse – Broadstairs
101 collectors – Surrey
Sound it Out Records – Stockton on Tees
Rise – Bristol / Cheltenham / Warwick
Reflex – Newcastle
Imperial Music – Inverness
Davids Music – Letchworth
Solo Music – Barnstable

The band also plays two gigs that day, one in London and the other in Leeds.
Rough Trade East, London – Record Store Day instore – 11:00am
Crash Records, Leeds – Record Store Day instore – 18:30pm

Download “Get Off My Ghost Train” from Live at Leeds below.

Pulled Apart By Horses – Get Off my Ghost Train (Live) by Exitfare


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