Hailing from: Bergen, Norway
Web: Official Website

I never totally got the cult around Casiokids until I spent a weekend in Oslo. It was there that I spent late nights in pubs with musicians from the band’s hometown, drinking Norwegian microbrews and siting too close to the radiator so my slush-drenched sneakers could dry.

They say that to understand another man’s life, you need to spend a day in his shoes. While I didn’t quite make it to Bergen (also home to Datarock and Annie) or onto a stage in front of an adoring Scandinavian crowd, I came close enough to understand why is so alluring about Casiokids.  When I finally saw them in England last year, it all made sense.

They may not sing in English, but I learned long ago that language doesn’t matter. It’s all about intent and feeling. Great music is universal, and on the band’s debut full-length Topp stemning på lokal bar, the band produces a gem. The record is out June 08 on Polyvinyl Records in the US. The band have previously released music in Europe via Moshi Moshi, both as part of the label’s renowned “Singles Club” and as a series of double A-sided 7″s.

Check out a track from the album below.

Casiokids-Finn bikkjen! by Exitfare


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