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While lazy journalists compare the Brute Chorus to the Arctic Monkeys (and likely spell “Artic” wrong), astute listeners will notice much more swirling in the band’s music. It’s something much more sinister, taking bits of blues and rockabilly without being too corny or over-the-top.

The band spent a freezing winter in the Lake District working on their sophomore release, which will be out in August on London-based indie TAPE. Until then, there’s first single “Could This Be Love?,” which is a perfect glimpse of things to come from these guys.

The Brute Chorus – Could This Be Love by Exitfare


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Django Django has always intrigued me for a number of reasons. They’ve always been a band that I wanted to like, but one that I never got right away. They probably enjoy being mysterious and a little tough to digest, but the journey to understanding them is a wild and crazy ride, and one that is well worth taking. Equal parts spacey electronica and Saharan rhythms, latest single “WOR” / “Skies Over Cairo” is easily the most unique song that will get on the dancefloor all year. If references to the Beta Band come to mind, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise – John MacLean’s brother Dave is in Django Django.

Pick up their latest release from the Pure Groove online shop.

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I think I may have invented a new term for the kind of music Is Tropical plays: Eclectro. It’s probably already been used, but I’m just going to keep believing I invented it.

Their track “When O’ When” starts off simple enough, then suddenly starts shooting off in all directions. The result is a catchy tune layered in many genres. NewIslands have done an awesome remix of “When O’ When,” which is available over at hitclubblog.blogspot.com.

The band is currently touring the UK and has a 7″ available at the Pure Groove webstore.

Article by Sulyn Langjahr

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At first listen, you too may try to figure out who this band sounds like. WIth vocals that go from low to high in a heartbeat, and a steady drum beat throughout, you too may think, this sounds familiar.

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My first taste of this band came last May at the Great Escape in Brighton, as one of the members of LoveLikeFire expressed interest in going to see them. Inititally planning to check out another gig, I managed to catch the last few songs of Chew Lips’s set. While it was a bit rough, the band showed plenty of promise, including the instant hit “Solo,” a song that seems to have been borne at an underground European disco.

The three-piece is set to bring their “8-bit casiotone disco drone” to the SXSW this year. Their debut album Unicorn is out now on Family Records. They are currently on the road with Delphic in England, including a gig tomorrow night in Northampton. A complete list of dates can be found on their website.

Play Together – WAWA Remix by Chew Lips

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Their name may point to the contrary, but Yuck is not a dark band in the least. While they may sometimes delve into the sombre, tracks like “Georgia” and “Automatic” are sunny, catchy indie pop exercises. When it’s cold and miserable outside, it’s moments like these that remind you that better days aren’t too far ahead.

The band’s debut 7″, a split with the band Herzog, will be out on 15 March through Transparent.  Expect a full-length later this year.

Demo track “Sunday” is available for download below.

Sunday by Exitfare

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Last week, one of our absolute favorites shot her very first video, a clip for the brilliant tune “Your Body is a Machine.” Although we don’t have the final clip yet, you can see a few pictures on the Good Natured’s blog. According to Sarah McIntosh, the mastermind behind the band, she “reached a whole new level of hairspraying.”

Check out the new tune “Sleep in Dust” below.  The band’s new EP, limited to 250 copies, is available now on their MySpace page.

Sleep in Dust by Exitfare

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We covered the Joy Formidable a lot in Exitfare 1.0, so don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The performers of one of the best gigs we witnessed in 2009 have a proper LP coming out later this year, but in the meantime, their new video has just hit the internet.  “Popinjay” is available for purchase now in the iTunes store (both UK and US) and a limited 7″ will be available from 5 April at Rough Trade and Pure Groove sites, among others.

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“I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America”

The debut album from the mega-hyped Marina & the Diamonds was released this past Monday in the UK. No word yet on a US release, although she’s playing New York and SXSW in Austin next month. A sold out UK tour will follow in May, including an appearance at the Great Escape in Brighton.

Download the Entrepreneurs (Adam Crisp from Elle Milano) remix of “Mowgli’s Road” below.

Mowgli’s Road – Marina & The Diamonds (Entrepreneurs Space-Hopper Remix) by Entrepreneurs

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